Inspiring Girls to Pursue STEAM Careers

8.8 million tech jobs by 2028

Tech job openings in computing-related
careers within the US

26% in 2019

Professional computing occupations in
the US held by women.

Girl smiling showing what she coded in

18% in 2020

Women in the US that have a
Bachelors Degree in Computer Science

22% by 2022

Growth in demand for computer
programmers in the US.

Why Learn to Code?

Employment in CS & IT occupations are projected to grow 12 percent from 2018 to 2028.
These occupations are projected to add 500,000+ new jobs in the United States.
Demand for workers will far exceed the number of projected Computer Science graduates.
The median annual wage for CS and IT occupations is $50,000 higher than for all occupations.

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Learn Computer Science
Change the world.

Block Based and Code Line JavaScript Programming

Edison Robot on Activity Mat

Edison Robot

Small, easily programmable bot that is Lego Compatible.

Bar Code, Picture block, Word Block, & Python Programming

Microsoft Micro;bit Logo

Microsoft Makecode

Micro:bit & AdaFruit Circuit Playground Express

Learn to virtually program a simple Arduino Board or Circuit Board


3D Design & Circuit Playground Block-based Coding

Students learn to design objects that can be 3D printed and coding online circuitry.

OnShape Education

OnShape CAD
Coming Soon!

3D Modeling and Design

Students collaborate to design custom products, industrial equipment, and many other 3D objects.

Minecraft Education Edition

Learn to code using your Minecraft Agent.

Use block-based or Python Coding to build your Minecraft World.