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Use this matrix to view specific lessons and skills taught using Code Combat: Introduction to Computer Science 1.

Scope and Sequence: Computer Science 1
Module Levels Transfer Codes
1. Basic Syntax 1-6 Calls functions in order
2. Loops 7-14 Repeat code sequences
3.Variables 15-20 Save and access data
4. Review - Multiplayer Arena 21 Master Syntax and sequencing
Code Combat - Introduction to Computer Science Course Guide
Code Combat - Introduction to Computer Science Curriculum Summary
Concepts covered: Basic Syntax,Arguments,Strings,While Loops,Variables,Algorithms
CodeCombat.com 1. Dungeons of Kithgard 7. Kithgard Librarian 14. Breakout
2. Gems in the Deep 8. Fire Dancing 15. Known Enemy
3. Shadow Guard 9. Loop Da Loop 16. Master of Names
3a. Kounter Kithwise 10. Haunted Kithmaze 16a. Lowly Kithmen
3b. Crawlways of Kithgard 10a. Descending Further 16b. Closing the Distance
4. Enemy Mine 10b. Riddling Kithmaze 17. A Mayhem of Munchkins
4a. Illusory Interruption 11. The Second Kithmaze 17a. The Skeleton
4b. Forgetful Gemsmith 11a. Radiant Aura 18. The Gauntlet
5. True Names 12. Dread Door 18a. The Gauntlet A
5a. Favorable Odds 13. Cupboards of Kithgard 18b. The Gauntlet B
5b. The Raised Sword 13a. Cupboards of Kithgard A 19. The Final Kithmaze
6. Cell Commentary 13b. Cupboards of Kithgard B 20. Kithgard Gates
21. Wakka Maul
Code Combat - Game Development 1: Course Guide
Code Combat - Game Development 1: Project Guide
Concepts covered: Basic Syntax,Arguments,Place game objects,Construct mazes,Create a playable, sharable game projects
CodeCombat.com 1. Over the Garden Wall 7. Crushing it 13. Throwing Fire
2. Click Gait 8. Give and Take 14. Them Bones
3. Hero's Journey 9. Army Training 15. Behavior Driven Development
4. A-maze-ing 10. Ranger Danger 16. Time to Live
5. Gemtacular 11. Hedge Magic 17. Seeing is Believing
6. Vorpal Mouse 12. Forest Incursion 18. Persistance Pays
19. Tabula Rasa